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Our pricing options give you the flexibility to design a home exactly the way you want it.


Full-package service

When you buy with Cubed, the price of your condo includes all of our services – from financial support at the start up until you turn the key to your new home.. More importantly, once your chosen project is in motion, the price doesn’t change along the way.

Cubed cost breakdown (approx.) (per/m2):

Service fee 15%

  • Architecture
  • Approvals 
  • Design ABC
  • Financing 
  • Legal
  • Management Oversight

Project costs 85%

  • Construction 35%
  • Tax 21%
  • Base Interior 8%
  • Land  7%
  • Amenities 7%
  • Built-in Furniture & Kitchen 7%

The price of a Cubed condo differs depending on its location and level of customization. The prices displayed on our platform are all approximations until a project has been 50% reserved and approved. However, once a project is approved and then ordered with the manufacturer, the price of your condo is finalized, and it won’t change!

Our condos are fully functional from the day you move in. Therefore, the options in our interior design catalog for the kitchen, bathroom, and base interior are already included in the Standard pricing package.

You have the option to add furniture, designer accessories, and upgrades in the Design ABC process. Plus, if you want something extra special for your condo, we can organize this as part of our premium pricing option (see details below).

Pricing options


Already included

The base package, included with all Cubed condos, offers: 

  • A functional layout plan tailored specifically to you
  • A customized interior design concept
  • Built-in furniture and finishing materials from our expertly sourced catalog
  • Add-ons: everything from air-conditioning to smart house technology 
  • Extras such as parking with charging station and storage


79 EUR / m²

With Cubed, anything is possible when it comes to the design of your new home. So the premium package is for those wanting a fully customized experience. 

You get all the services included in the Standard package, plus more. 

Architects work with you to design your custom layout (whether it be a two-story condo or a built-in sauna). Then a dedicated interior designer assists you in creating your dream space and helps you source all of the materials required to build it.


Additional services

At Cubed, we can offer additional services for those wanting to take their new home to the next level, such as:

  • In-person architect consultations
  • 3D visualizations
  • Custom interior design services
  • Collaboration with your own designers/experts

Our projects

Rīga - Āgenskalns - Baložu iela 21

Early housing price・2 700 €/m²
In planning

Rīga - Center - Bruninieku iela14

Early housing price・3 500 €/m²
In planning

Valmiera - Center

New project・From 2 300 €/m²
In planning

Location of your choice

Let us know what kind of project you’d prefer, and we’ll find options to suit you!

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