Simple by nature

Cubed enables people everywhere to live in sustainable homes that are built without compromises.


Cubed is about the customer

Typical developers only include you, the customer, in the very last stages of a project - meaning you don’t get a say in the cost, design, materials, or amenities of your new home.

However, with Cubed, the process starts with you and ends with you.

We’re empowering original design

Our self-service platform enables customers to be in control of the layout, interior design, and surrounding amenities of their homes with the full support of our in-house team.

We’re flexible

With many housing markets reaching unaffordable levels, our designs are flexible to any budget.

We’re sustainable

We’re bringing together community, transparency, and efficiency to create a sustainable living environment for homeowners.

We’re a platform with a global vision

Cubed has set out to create a world where people create cities and buildings together without compromising our planet.


Eriks Kehris


Yaroslav Luzin


Leonards Kalnins

Lead Architect

Laura Moreno Huang

BIM manager

Our partners

SIA Cubed has concluded an agreement No. SKV-L-2022/125 with LIAA for receiving support within the measure “Promotion of International Competitiveness” co-financed by ERAF.s