Unlock your imagination

With our straight-forward design process, we help you turn your vision into a full interior design concept.


After you design your layout and make a reservation, you’ll enter our Design ABC process. In three simple sessions, we support you in creating a complete interior design concept for your new condo.

Get inspired

To start, we learn about your personal design preferences - from colors to your favorite furniture style.

Your preferences are then turned into a mood board so you can get a first glimpse at how your condo could look and feel.

Design session A

Revisit your custom layout plan and decide on your condo's mechanical, electrical, and plumbing elements, such as bathroom plumbing or lighting for the living room.

Design session B

Review our catalog of specially sourced materials, fixtures and fittings, and built-in furniture, and choose what you’d like to include in your condo. And if you want something outside of the catalog, we can source this for you as part of our custom package.

Design session C

Choose your condo’s furniture from our digital design catalog, then decide on your condo’s finishing touches, from wall color to furniture materials.

Finalize the concept

We incorporate all of your preferences and create a 3D model so you can see the completed concept of your condo’s design!

The finalized concept is also added to the signed Purchase & Sale agreement - so you can be sure that this is the concept we’ll deliver.

Cubed’s design collection

Here, you can find a collection of our specially sourced materials that you can choose from to create your dream interior.


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