If you can’t find an existing project that meets your needs, there’s no need to worry! 

Let us know what you’re looking for through our 5-minute questionnaire, and we’ll match you with neighbors looking for a similar project.


Anywhere you want.

Although building construction costs stay the same, the price of land differs depending on the location. Therefore, your chosen location will affect the final price of your condo.

What we do

  1. We find land to fit the project requirements
  2. Virtually place our flexible building model on the land
  3. Create a financial plan
  4. Agree financial and legal details with the landowner
  5. Send you an offer that matches your needs

Cubed buildings

Delivered by trusted partners, all of our buildings are built using sustainable materials and fully comply with regulation.

Our flexible building model means we can create various types of layouts and facades. We’ve designed 3 different facade options, and are working on adding additional options.

How to start with Cubed

  1. Discover a project

    Choose where you’d like to live by browsing our available projects and locations. Can’t find anything you like? Suggest a new project, and we’ll match you with others looking for the same thing!

  2. Create your condo layout

    Use our self-service platform to design your ideal condo layout. Our designers will support you to make any customization. Even if you haven't found a project yet, you can start creating a custom condo layout. Then we'll help you find a project that fits.

  3. Receive offer and make a reservation

    When you’re ready for us to bring your vision to life, agree to our offer and make a reservation for your custom condo.