Design and buy your custom home

Designing and buying a fully customized home with our self-service platform has never been easier. We’ll build a sustainable home for you in a community you’ve helped create.


Your vision, your home

Make it your own

From layout to furniture, our Design ABC process makes designing a condo easy.

Customize the cost

With transparent pricing and cost-flexible designs, you can create a condo to meet any budget.

Choose your location

Pick an existing project location or suggest a new one, and we’ll create a project for you.

Create with confidence

You have the support of our expert team at every step of your journey to your dream home.

Live sustainably

Live in an energy-efficient home that creates less CO2 and saves you money in the long run.

Design a community

Together with your neighbours, decide on your home’s unique amenities.

A partner you can trust

With Cubed, you’re in control of your new home with full support from start to finish.

How is Cubed different? Cubed Traditional projects
Custom condo layout & design
Complete cost transparency
Involvement in community design
Support throughout the process

How to start with Cubed

  1. Discover a project

    Choose where you’d like to live by browsing our available projects and locations.

    Can’t find anything you like? Suggest a new project, and we’ll match you with others looking for the same thing!

  2. Create your layout

    Use our self-service platform to design your ideal condo layout. Our designers will support you to make any customization.

    Even if you haven't found a project yet, you can start creating a custom condo layout. Then we'll help you find a project that fits.

  3. Receive offer and make a reservation

    When you’re ready for us to bring your vision to life, agree to our offer and make a reservation for your custom condo.


Featured projects

Rīga - Āgenskalns - Baložu iela 21

Early housing price・2 700 €/m²
In planning

Rīga - Center - Bruninieku iela14

Early housing price・3 500 €/m²
In planning

Valmiera - Center

New project・From 2 300 €/m²
In planning

Location of your choice

Let us know what kind of project you’d prefer, and we’ll find options to suit you!

Frequently asked questions

Have questions? We’re happy to help.

Can I change a layout, including the location of the walls?

Yes, you can request customizations to any of our layout templates.

If you need extra space for a study or a built-in sauna, we can adjust your chosen layout to accommodate your needs. Our designers take great effort and care in making these adjustments.

If you opt for our Premium pricing package, the customization possibilities are endless, so you can let your imagination run wild. Want a motorcycle garage in your new condo? We’ll make it happen.

Does changing a layout cost extra?

Our Standard pricing package includes two rounds of layout customizations with our designers.

The first round of customizations is free for anyone interested in buying a Cubed condo. The second round of changes is available once you’ve made a reservation or show you’ve received finance approval for your new condo.

When can I move into my new condo?

The move-in date varies depending on which stage a project is in when you reserve your Condo (whether it’s in planning or already in development). The maximum timeframe for moving in is 2 years.

Our service is turn-key which means you get to relax while we build, fit out, and furnish your new condo.

It can take 2 years to find a home that fits your needs, but with Cubed, you get exactly what you want now and have it delivered within 1-2 years.

Can I buy more than one property?

Yes, you can buy as many condos as you want - plus get a discount for doing so!

We also have referral programs. Invite your family and friends to a Cubed project, and you’ll get a discount on the final price of your condo.

If you’re an investor and would like to lead a Cubed project, this is also possible. Simply get in touch to tell us about your vision for a project.

Who builds Cubed buildings?

At Cubed, we work with highly experienced partners to construct your new condo. All of your needs and ideas are taken into consideration so that your condo is delivered exactly the way you wanted it.

Cubed oversees the entire development process using 3D modeling, efficient legal processes, and our streamlined platform to get things done.

Are Cubed buildings high-quality and sustainable?

We want to inspire communities to live in homes where the environmental impact is taken into consideration. So our buildings are at the forefront of lower-cost, sustainable living.

They are sustainability certified, fireproof, and use fewer resources than most modern developments.

What will my community and environment look like?

Cubed is not only empowering original design, but it's changing the way communities come together - one condo at a time.

During a project, you’ll share a unique experience together with your neighbors choosing your building's amenities and surroundings. As a result, you get to live in an environment where everyone thrives.


Ready to bring your vision to life?

Design and buy your dream home with our support along the way.