Cubed is launching!

September 3, 2022


We are excited to announce the launch of our platform to the wider public! For the first project, we have prepared something special in Bruņinieku street 14 - “The Knight of Riga”

This is the first step of many and we are so proud of everyone involved for making this possible. Thank you all for the help and support.

What is Cubed?

Cubed is truly a new way of how people will be able to design and purchase real estate!

Our self-service platform enables customers to be in control of the layout, interior design, and surrounding amenities of their homes with the full support of our experienced team.

Typical developers only include you, the customer, in the very last stages of a project - meaning you don’t get a say in the cost, design, materials, or amenities of your new home. However, with Cubed, the process starts with you and ends with you.

Our mission is to empower communities to design and develop smart, sustainable, and easy-to-manage buildings.

How it works?


We allow our customers to fully customize their homes in the location of their choice with our streamlined process on the platform starting from layout customization and ending with a specially developed Design ABC process for interior project creation.


We group communities with similar interests in one location and allow them to choose surrounding together with neighbors.


We order the house from the manufacturers to be built once the project reaches 50% of the reservations.

About our first project - The Knight of Riga

Situated in Riga’s vibrant Art Nouveau precinct, the Knight of Riga at Bruņinieku 14 street represents an unprecedented opportunity to live in one of Riga’s most sought-after city center locations - nestled among hundreds of years of history.

Designed in collaboration with MG architect Guntis Gabrovskis, the building has a high-quality, modern design with elements of traditional architecture to preserve the location’s historic character.

  • 12 condos incl. office & storage
  • Highly sought-after location
  • Uninterrupted views
  • Flexible condo layouts
  • Choice of building amenities
  • Premium sustainable development

Reservations for The Knight of Riga starts now! The building’s plans and initial permits have been approved, and we expect the building to be ordered by our factory partners in around 3 months time (once the building is 50% reserved).

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